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Serving Humanity- Since 1997

Tapasya for a cause:

We at Tapasya are dedicating 30% of our time and 40% of our earnings for Charitable Activities

‘Tapasya’ a Sanskrit language word means, ‘the dedicated effort towards an attainment of a noble cause or a positive personal purpose for the self within or for the universe’.

‘Tapasya’ spreads its wings in the arenas of health, personal transformation and inner happiness through Yoga & Natural Medicine.

We serve through the Research, Awareness, Training (seminars, workshops), Consultations, treatments, Rehabilitation & Community services.

We believe and proved repeatedly that ‘Yoga is Medicine’, not just a practice done in studios.

Dr.Dwarakanath (Dr.D!) and Dr. Saraswati (Dr. Swati!) are practicing physicians with 18+ years of experience. Tapasya became a reality with the kind enthusiastic involvement of likeminded friends, eminent artists, who are part of the ‘think tank’. They are all health and life-style enthusiasts!

After extensive research & analysis, our doctors & scholars of Tapasya, understood the link- Mind, Body Axis. Tapasya’s solutions are a combinative effort of modern medical education with the time tested Asian sciences.

We strongly believe in the core philosophy, ‘Nature is the best Healer’. We also find guidance through ancient healing systems like Natural medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Vedic knowledge, Buddhist & Zen principles. The wisdom and knowledge of Yoga, Yogic Philosophy &Yoga therapy gives us the foundation to care and cure. We prescribe Yoga as Medicine.

The whole World spends 80% of Health budget money and Time in treating diseases instead of preventing it. We should start calling it Disease Budget, instead of Health Budget. We at Tapasya are into teaching and treating ‘Preventive Health Care’ and simple stress management.

Tapasya stands to bring about lasting changes in the personal growth of people seeking transformation, beyond just curing illness.
Dr. Dwarakanath, (Dr.D!) is a Physician with 18+ years of rich experience. Dr.Dwarakanath’s personal mission closest to his heart is to create awareness on ‘Natural Health and Yoga’ to maximum number of people whom he can reach in all walks of life.

Dr. Dwarakanath Completed his degree in Indian Medicine from Mangalore University (He is from 1992 Batch).

He founded the ‘Mitran foundation’ with fellow doctors in 1999. It is an organization dedicated for ‘Stress Management’. He is passionate about Natural medicine and Yoga.

In his Holistic health centre at Tiruppur, South of India, he found great success in treating patients with infertility issues. That was absolutely through in depth study and understanding of human body, natural remedies & using Yoga as medicine.

His personal discovery that the restorative powers of people is enormous and through which the ‘Mind Body Axis’ is clearly understood.

This led him to look at the world from different positive perception.

He is the pioneer in the areas of ‘Preventive Health Care’ concepts & Corporate Stress Management.

He had served in Bali & Maldives in association with the internationally acclaimed resorts COMO Shambhala Estate- Bali & COMO resorts of Cocoa Islands- Maldives. In these projects, through Holistic Health approach helped people of various nationalities. It was an experience of importance and wide exposure.

His training programs in London and Europe, ‘Promotion of Positive Health’ are a great success.

His services are enjoyed by various sectors and wide range of organizations. To give few as an example, TCS-India, Off shore teams of Cisco, Bank of America, HCL-India, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Indian Police service, various associations and organizations like Lions Club, Rotary International, Jaycees, Giants and Indian Red Cross.

After a yearlong sabbatical of self introspection, he came to his personal realization. The realizations lead to his charitable programs for the upliftment of people who live in the margin of the society.

The specialized areas of his expertise are in three.

  1. Preventive Health Care
    It is through Natural healing methods and Stress Management. In case of corporate trainings, we concentrate on preventive health plan with training and personalized natural curative health plan with consultations.
  2. Fertility care
    Fertility care is by using Yoga & non invasive treatments as tools.
  3. Charitable Design
    He is an expert in designing and executing programs for charitable purposes like Street kids, prisoners and rural women health.

Preventive Health Care

Modern day white collar professionals stumble into chronic ailments as early as mid-30’s. It is because of non-stop deadlines leading to stress induced chronic diseases. The medications are equally toxic.

Dr. Dwarakanath is involved in research and analysis of the projects involving the ‘Stress & its impact on Health’. He designs various programs in the areas of Stress Management. It involves, Yoga based methods, Natural Health and Indian Traditional medicine.

The Meditations and self help life-style programs designed by him are user friendly and qualitatively assessable.

He also designs the Corporate Stress Management trainings. They are specific to people and the work culture in their organizations.

His clients are from Software, Banking, Media and many fields of work.

He has conducted his programs in Europe, Singapore, Bali and India.

The fertility care mind plays more important role in balancing bodily functions and hormones. So Meditation, auto suggestion and understanding mind and body axis is essential. Our fertility program has 90% success rate.

In the fertility care, treatments involve non-invasive treatments like Yoga, homemade herbal preparations, nutritional counseling, hydro therapy, stress management and meditation.

It is a total residential program for a week, followed by periodical diet natural treatment and yoga supervision. The program is totally tailor made in every individual case. In this program, selections of recipients are with highest of care after detailed analysis. It is because, after every failed attempt, the patient is more depressed. So the responsibility is deeper in fertility care.

Charitable Design– Dr. Dwarakanath directly designs, trains and conducts charitable programs totally free of cost through NGOs, Tapasya Trust and organizations like Rotary, Jaycees, Lions and Giants. The programs are for Street kids- counseling and motivational training, Prisons- rehabilitation of prisoners and the most important design is ‘Rural health Empowerment’- especially female health empowerment in rural India and at schools and colleges. He uses Yoga, nutritional teaching and simple meditations as tools.

Dr. Saraswati, (Dr.Swati) physician par excellence with 18+ years of rich experience. She is a ‘Gold Medalist’ at her Medical school at University. She is a blessed Healer, with great dedication to the system, people and the Universe.

Dr. Saraswati Completed her degree in Indian Medicine from Mangalore University (She is from 1992 Batch).

Her passion is Research, Yoga & Energy healing.

She is experienced in treating spine and joints related ailments through Yoga and Natural medicine. She strongly believes that ‘Body heals by itself, provided we are ready to give it a chance.

In her adult life, almost she has never taken any medication. She is well versed in home remedies using herbs in various forms like decoctions, packs and poultices.

She strongly advocates, ‘Meditation’ for true self understanding and there by cure of any ailments from its root.

She is grand master ranked in energy healing. She compassionately shares her knowledge and expertise in treating and teaching ‘Energy Healing’.

She served in the world’s number one Luxury Island resort of COMO- Parrot Cay, Caribbean and COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali.

She was Holistic Health consultant and Energy Healer at Caribbean, Bali, New York & in London.

Her dedication to help fellow human by alleviate them from their suffering makes her a true ‘healer’.

The specialized areas of her expertise are in three areas.

Research- She is an ardent academician in analyzing the deeper truth and the flair for research came naturally for her.

Yoga Therapy- there are a number of Yoga practices. The skill is identifying the right one for specific issue. She is an expert at it.

Energy Healing- This is more an art and science than a skill to acquire.  She has done deep studies with intense healing practice.

Research- Our organization specialty is that we are directly into research and also guide for many other researchers in the field of Yoga & Natural Medicine. Dr.Saraswati leads the research department with her insight and the thirst for finding the beyond. Our Yoga research is on areas of Stress Management, hormone balance and postural corrections. Nutritional analysis and specific ailment based design is her niche.

Yoga Therapy-Yoga is a vast science. The skill is identifying the right one for specific issue. We have designed a lot of Yoga based practices in consideration to modern day limitation of time. She is practicing Yoga since her age of 12, around 30 years of personal experience in Yoga and of which 16 years as a physician treating ailments of patients through Yoga. She is into encompassing Yoga and chakra axis. Her design of ‘Nutritional analysis’ too is based on ‘Tri-Guna’ concept of Yoga.

Energy Healing It is an ancient system of practice. Though there are a few Energy healing systems, she has developed her own technique which goes beyond body and mind healing and reaches the level of regression therapy. She uses this to remove the core cause of the issues instead of just treating the symptoms. She is also a grandmaster who can initiate people into healing techniques. She also does distant healing across continents for her clients. Her clients are from U.S.A and Europe. She served at Caribbean, London, Bali and New York.

Short History (Since 1997 to this day)

After graduating from medical school, we (Dr.Dwarakanath & Dr. Saraswati) worked in Gujarat-eastern part of India. That was a wonderful experience. We understood the importance of people and their lifelong habits. We realized the love of food of people and why it should be respected. We realized the standards and lifestyle change limitations people are ready to alter, happily.

The organization was established in the year 1999, as a small clinic, in Tirupur. (It was called Mitra Yoga & Nature Cure Centre/ Mitran foundation). We resolved more seriously to live, learn, treat& teach natural way of living. We ventured into absolute natural healing and Yoga clinical research. We were invited to give visits to Bangalore & Chennai for giving Stress Management & nutritional counseling in corporate sectors since 2002. This exposed us to the plight of white collar empire of India, the Finance & IT sector. We did a thorough analysis of various sectors. The results of studies shown were nowhere close to reasonable healthy living in corporate world.

In the year 2004 & 2005, the 2 years, we dedicated for ‘Awareness campaign’ to make the corporate aware of the health threat and its solution, ‘Stress & the ways to manage it’. The whole campaign of 3000 hours of free seminars/trainings around India was done by big team of Doctors of our organization and some hired help. It was a dedicated free of cost, Herculean campaign in service to the humanity. To quote a few as example who helped us to serve them with our awareness, Stress management programs are, Covansys, TCS, HCL, Birla Soft Technologies, Satyam, Ready Test Go Software testing, Teminos, Kumaran Software, Syntel, Eveready, SBI, LIC, Bank of America (off shore back office) etc.

From the year 2007 until 2014, our activities were more outside of India. Mainly in Europe, Caribbean, U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali & Maldives. This gave us a great experience and wonderful traveling. During this period, the learning and living great philosophies was blessed on both of us. Energy healing, Indian philosophy, cultures of world and our Indian philosophy opened new arenas to us. All this showered bliss on us. We had chance to meet, and treat great monks, leaders, business giants, leaders of fortune 500 companies, nationalities of numerous nations and cultures. I would say this gave us a partial realization.

In the mean time, we started our charitable activities in India and parts of other Asian countries- street kids rehabilitation, prison reform and rural health plans.

In 2015- After a yearlong sabbatical of self introspection, Dr.Dwarakanath came to his personal realization. The realization is the seed for creating the principle organization Tapasya.

An Advisory team & a think tank of Doctors, from the fields of Natural Medicine, Ayurveda, Psychiatry, Cardiology and various other areas too, help design the programs at Tapasya.

The eminent artist Ms. Julia Calfee, shares her vast experience, insight and wisdom. She is active in the mission- Tapasya.

The realizations lead to charitable programs for the upliftment of people who live in the margin of the society. And the other realization was that to work for lasting changes in all human. So the Tapasya stands to bring about lasting changes in the personal growth of people seeking transformation, beyond just curing illness.