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#Retreat Plans Programs (1, 2 &3)

PROGRAM Design by Doctors at Tapasya

Protocol-What > Design> Lab > Faculty > Programs-detail > Results

How does our entire program get its shape? How is it different?

We are the pioneer organization in India to do scientific medical studies on stress. We did extensive studies on professionals of Corporate and IT industries in India. Based on these findings the health problems are addressed with training programs. Our programs are not just curative, also preventive.

The uniqueness of Tapasya- all faculties who offer the trainings are Doctors. We use only the facts, proven in laboratory/ clinical validation. Yogic Philosophy &Scientific analysis results are our two limbs.

Our training methodologies are advised by an experienced teaching professional, Mr. K.S.Raman, with 32 years of experience in teaching, writing text books, managing institutions of education and a man of high social responsibility. And the specialty (Industrial) training knowledge is from an industry   man      Mr. Srinivasan, whose expertise is also unparalleled.

An Advisory committee & a think tank of Doctors, from the fields of Natural Medicine, Ayurveda, Psychiatry, Cardiology, art and various other areas too, help design the programs. The eminent artist Ms. Julia Calfee, shares her vast experience and wisdom and she is active in the mission.

Program- 1- Lap Top Yoga/ IT YOGA

(Stress Management Training)

>Design > Guidance > Program Plan > Result Assessment > Environment

A specially designed training program for IT professionals is called ‘IT yoga’; this is also fondly named as ‘Lap top Yoga’, for its compact & user friendliness, by the people who are benefited by it. We Tapasya doctors are using ‘IT yoga’ in many a countries.

In case of IT professionals, the 12 common problems faced by them are taken into consideration by our team, analyzed by experts and conclusions are the solutions, we give you as training. (Head ache, Disturbed Sleep, Eye strain, Extreme stress symptoms- anxiety/ depression, Neck pain, Cholesterol issues, IBS, Ulcers, Low back pain, Diabetes and Cardiac care) In this program, greater emphasis is given on 5 areas, 1.Spinal realignment training, 2.Specific Stress management techniques, 3.Cardiac care with diet & breathing, 4.Restoration of Digestive system and 5.Eye care.

User friendly special techniques like Anger management technique, Leisure management training, Dietary life style in practical simplified ways, Quality sleeping, and War on free radicals are also imparted.

The best parts of all our programs are, the results are all quantitatively assessable periodically with our self test charts and basic lab tests.

Our ‘IT yoga’ has a highest proven record of positive results in people inculcating it to their life style, because of the results it produces in their mind & body.

Environment factor like change from routine location helps the participants to relax and the outcome of the training is manifold.

When it comes to selection of venue, our first recommendation is a resort/ banquet room of a hotel. The second choice would be your office conference room without the interference of office on the training day.

To have our ‘corporate stress management training program-1- IT YOGA’ or for more details, contact us- mail us to,

Program 2: ‘Life is Beautiful’

Corporate Health & Stress Management

Life is Beautiful’, our program on ‘Promotion of Positive Health’. A program favoured mainly by ‘Financial’ sectors- Banking, Insurance, Charted Accountants and Traders. Recently by IT sector too.

Tapasya-Mitra’s this program covers areas like relationships, family, leisure, Stress & its management, team building, health awareness, preventive health care, yogic solutions, life priorities, the most important factor called ‘Reversing Heart Disease Program’.

In this program the emphasis is on philosophy of life, happiness analysis, subconscious control technique, general physical fitness and Dietary counseling. The major sources of this program are Yoga, Zen & Veda.

The ‘Life is Beautiful’ program is done in 2 methods.

Type 1: Gurukul type, where the training is imparted with group discussion style and we suggest this style for senior members only, as it should not become a joke or gossip. This method will only be successful in resort like facility preferably 2 days residential session.

Type 2: Seminar type peppered with few discussions, where the training can be of 2 days, still the preferred location would be a banquet hall of a good hotel or at conference hall of office on the ‘week end’. As the topics involve more on mind, the new environment accentuate the results and forms a solid base in participants.

This program is also best recommended with families of the professionals. In the age of technology & fast living, the maturity and respecting space also plays a major role. Our program gives frame work to inculcate it easily, these trainings in their life.

To have our ‘Corporate Stress Management Training Program-2- LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL’ or for more details, contact us, mail us to,

Program-3 Total Outlook…

‘Ultimate Health &Stress Management Training’

Total Outlook, it is a program of surgical precision.

Our Doctors who are the faculty of the training will discuss with the participant group individually/ concerned leaders of your organization, to micro personalize the program.

The sample protocol of our ‘Total Outlook’ program as follows.

#a personal consultation is done individually.

#The Group training program conducted for 2 days.

#The personal diet plan mailed and revised once after 5-7 weeks over mail.

#The personal physical training regime designed and mailed which will include Yoga & other exercise plans. This is revised once on mail after 7 weeks.

#The personal stress management techniques are selected and mailed, individually.

#A day long group follow-up is offered for the participants after 60 days.

Tapasya-Mitra’s this program covers the above mentioned and other important areas like Relationship Nurture, Family Binding, Leisure Optimization, Stress & its Management, Health awareness, Preventive health care, Yogic solutions, Life priorities, the most important factor called ‘Reversing Heart Disease Program’.

The tools in the trainings are Seminars, Nutritional Counseling, Yoga with Asanas and Pranayama, Zen meditation, Group activities, Group/ self assessment charts andQ & A sessions etc.

This program is the top most ‘privileged program’ of all.

For our ‘corporate stress management training program-3- Total out Look or for more details, contact us, mail us to,

To Join

How to participate in our Program-{1, 2 or 3}

Our programs are usually 2 days training, in few conditions it is an extended 3 days retreat. Very rarely we have the intense 1 day session.

*Our programs are organized usually by corporations/ industries for their people (partially or fully sponsored by the host (Your)organizations).

*In the recent years there is a healthy new trend, where professionals, friends together with their family members form a circle & they arrange our programs in a week end, instead of waiting for their organization. This way it is their convenient time & likeminded people come in group, so it becomes a relaxation & the Family factor is present.

*Occasionally, we from Tapasya directly organize and conduct retreats in major cities, where individuals register & participate in our programs organized as retreats in resort.

To arrange our programs for your organization, just mail us & after a telephonic conversation, you can avail all the details of our program, like the contents, duration, syllabus, faculty, the objectives & remunerations etc.

For a generalized understanding the above description is presented.

# Students Program

The Possibilities & Beyond!

The real age of molding the Mind and its relation to Body is between 12 & 21.

The possibilities and distractions are equally powerful.

The core potential can be channelized towards great possibility.

It is done with framework of Science of Yoga, Mind games & proper Nutrition.

Our programs for students are designed, keeping in mind the need of their age, the ‘Wow’ factor. The ‘Mind Team’ of our Tapasya, consists of the founder doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Sports Psychologist. We know Brain physiology of this age and our program’s success is because of our ‘Mindful Thoroughness’.

We also include parents in few sessions for the ‘Under 16’ age group. This is to share some tricks & thoughts in bringing up of kids, nutritional concepts, physiology and psychology analysis. (My master says ‘growing up with Kids’)

To kindle the mind of students, the thirst should be created and then friendly guidance to quench the thirst is to be taught.

Students programs are of various types. The factors like age, type of curriculum, social environment and the peer-group psychology are all taken into consideration.

Even the examples we quote on our ‘value education’ varies between groups.

We also offer free awareness sessions apart from the paid programs in Parent Teachers meetings, school staff meetings and for students.

We have specialty designed Yoga based personality development programs for college students. Of course the program design varies based on their curriculum, like Engineering, Medicine, commerce and arts.