– Charity & Research  ‘TAPASYA MITRA Yoga & Charitable Trust’

#Social Responsibility- ‘Yoga Charity’

Tapasya is always keen to support charitable ventures seeking to help the environment and less privileged members of the community. We have ongoing involvement with a number of charitable projects.

#- A 100% charitable Trust, organization working ‘not for profit’, is our ‘Tapasya- Yoga & Charitable Trust’

#- We doctors of Tapasya-Mitra are dedicating30% of our time and 40% of our earnings for this Trust activity. . .

#- We are always recruiting volunteers, college students (above the age of 18) who are looking for a part time work, where we pay a decent stipend to work on our charities.

1- To conduct free of cost, Yoga training at rural schools and create Health awareness among the School children and rural school teachers

2- To share our ‘Yoga & Yogic Sciences’ research findings among Yoga teachers & physicians of Indian system of medicine in rural regions.

3- To conduct camps for School teachers, PET teachers, School & College athletes to make them trainers in basic set of Yoga. They can later join hands with us to conduct free camps for public. (We pay the trainers a stipend)

4- To create awareness among villagers, factory workers & daily wage laborers on the importance of locally available nutritious herbs, Yogic living and basic Yoga for a happy and healthy life.

5- To organize Yoga & health awareness camp among the Self Help Groups, Rural development projects and agricultural groups.

6-To conduct- Research in fields of ‘Yoga, Yogic Sciences and Yogic Living’. Especially the areas like 3 Gunas- Satwa, Rajas & Tamas in food, life style

7- To compile rural and tribal spiritual practices, Yoga and research the reasons behind it.

8- To publish Yogic Wisdom and Health awareness material, in the form of pamphlets, booklets, books, audios, videos and seminars etc

9- To sponsor a Think tank and a Centre for authentic Yoga and Yogic Sciences. This will function as a reference point for future generation to understand the science and art of Yoga in its undistorted true form.

10- To fund or sponsor fully or partially, Yoga and Yogic Sciences research, for the aspiring, deserving candidate/organization.

11- Ambition for future- To start a ‘University of Yoga & Yogic Sciences’ and a Teaching Hospital of Yoga Therapy and Yogic Sciences.

Point 1-8 mentioned above are fully functioning. 9 are under construction in the form of collecting the vast treasure of knowledge. 10 and 11 are just in the thought. It is the time and the supports we get are going to tell us the possibility!

# Research on ‘Yoga & Yogic Sciences’

The Yoga Research is a scientific research founded and actively run by the couple Doctors Dr. Dwarakanath & Dr. Saraswati, in association with likeminded people.

*Our aim is to provide an accurate assessment of yogic practices within the clinical framework. The practicing physicians of Indian system of medicine and qualified Yoga trainers can use the accumulated data and conclusions of our research. We believe, Yoga is essential for human development.

*We and our friends across the international arena have undertaken extensive studies in the specialized fields of Yoga training. These cover a diverse range of subjects within the areas of health and medicine. Our studies are in psychology, physiology, fertility & Hormone balance in women and adolescent children. Our ‘Pain Care’ researches delve deeply into inflammation control and pain management in chronic and acute conditions.

*Our ambition for future and we are already beginning to wade through. It is in research and analysis on education, in-depth literary and scriptural studies, and further research into the ancient science of yoga. At present we are working in areas involving fundamental research, clinical research and applied research in the fields of Yoga and Yogic Sciences.

*The effects of yoga on improving efficiency, for example, in the police forces, defense services, in prisons and in children of the socially underprivileged are carried out for ‘free’. These projects are our social responsibility programs.

*Future plans include literary, scriptural, medical and scientific investigations into Yoga for physical, mental, spiritual and social upliftment.

*To print, publish, exhibit, subscribe and subsidize the periodicals, books, pamphlets or posters, produce albums, videos, films etc. related to research that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objectives of the research facility.

*To acquire, build, hire, maintain, run research laboratories and related facilities and to equip them with amenities considered necessary for the discharge of the functions of our research facility.

*To provide award, institute fellowship or scholarships stipend remuneration and/ or other similar payments to students and research scholars to facilitate their participation in scientific research of interests to the Trust.


If you are interested in sponsoring part of our charitable programs, please contact us.

Areas of sponsorship

*Research on Yoga & natural medicine

*Free Yoga & rehabilitation training for socially & economically needy, e.g. Street Kids rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and trainings at correction facilities and Yoga & Health awareness camps at rural and urban educational institutions

*Rural Yoga &Health awareness camps

*Sponsor a ‘chair’ in our research fellowship council

*And other charitable health programs