#Consultation Services
Consultations are done in 3 methods,

A-In person at our clinic/ at your place,

B- By e mail

C- By Skype & phone call (after email filing of questionnaire)

Consultation Protocol of Tapasya

(All details will be mailed to the client after every stage of consult)

#Consultation The detailed discussion Q&A about the client, Personal History, Family History, Medications & surgery, etc

#Diet Plan– after knowing your food habits, making comfortable changes, adding herbs in your diet, suggestions of supplements (where necessary), prescribing a natural de-tox plan of juicing or salad based plan (where necessary), periodical review in later dates (twice included in the program)

# Activity Plan– Based on the discussion, a combination of various activities, are prescribed. {Yoga, Walk, Stretches, Pranayama, etc}

# Natural Remedy We prescribe Hydro therapy, compressions, oil applications, hot fomentations, Herbal packs, etc which are possible at home.

#Follow-up– It is mutually important to strategically plan treatments and also follow- up too. This prevents future ailments & right medications and side effects.

# Referrals– When it is necessary, we refer to specific experts. For consultation, treatments, Acupuncture, etc (We have a good database of experts for therapies)

# The total number of sessions needed for the course of treatment will be explained by the Doctors based on the consultation sessions:

# Meeting client/ patient in person- In certain conditions, it is imperative that Doctors must meet the patient. In which case, after the 1st or 2nd stage of consultation on phone/ mail, the patient & doctor must meet. Without which, it is not possible to continue the program.

(E.g. Heart patients and infertility treatments are a few examples)

1, Holistic Health Consultation- This is a consultation received by wide range of people even who do not have any ailment or people with border line issues. This plan helps to live a healthy & happy life.

2, Stress Management Consultation – This is usually for people on deadline almost always- which is most of the white collar professionals. Students/ children with stress issues. People who wish to improve their quality of life and Emotional Quotient. People who wish to learn meditation, etc

We design various programs in the areas of Stress Management. It involves, Yoga based methods, Natural Cure methods and Indian Traditional medicine.

The Meditations and self help life-style programs designed by us are user friendly and qualitatively assessable. The programs are specific to people and the work culture in their organizations.

3, Weight Management- planning & Consultation- This is a popular one now a days. Like a personal trainer at Gym, we work along with aspirants who wish to get into or get back to healthy weight range. We advise on correct ratio of workout, nutrition for optimum results.

This program involves a minimum of 3 months of monitoring, reporting and sometimes cajoling. The consultation protocol (see above) and weekly twice mail & 1/week phone call for keeping the spirit high and Skype consults are also added.

4, Fertility care program- this is to treat the issue of infertility.
The fertility care treatments involve non-invasive treatments like Yoga, homemade herbal preparations, nutritional counseling, hydro therapy, stress management, inner healing and meditation.

It is a weeklong total residential program.

It is followed by periodical diet natural treatment and yoga supervision (this stage can be managed on Skype, mails etc). The program is totally tailor made in every individual case.

In this program, selections of recipients are with highest of care after detailed analysis. It is because, after every failed attempt, the patient is more depressed. So the responsibility is deeper in fertility care.

In the fertility care, mind plays more important role in balancing bodily functions and hormones. So Meditation, auto suggestion and understanding mind and body axis is important.

Our fertility care program has 90% success rate.
5, Women Health Plans- this is mainly planed in keeping menopausal management and menstrual health in mind. Now a days the hormonal imbalances are creating a havoc in health both physical & mental health. We use non invasive methods like specific Yoga therapy & natural Medicine approach to bring about balance. We also design programs for Thyroid issues, menstrual regulation and painless periods.

Since recent past, we are into, post pregnancy care- we call it back to square one! This is to bring about rebalance in weight, figure management through Yoga, fitness & nutritional analysis.

6, Chronic ailment Management- (E.g.-Diabetes, Cholesterol issues, High BP, Chronic Migraine, psychological & neurological problems)

This is a plan which involves a long term monitoring of blood reports, diet plans & treatments and the usual consultation protocol (see above). Monthly analysis of reports, food plans and activity are discussed for a minimum of 3 months.

This program is a life changing one. Because, people usually hate diet plans. We give the most care in planning chronic ailment diet plans. Taste and personal preferences are highly respected. Even our therapeutic fasting is appreciated as feasting by our long term clients.

We also advise home remedies, home hydro therapy treatments, Yoga, meditation and energy healing.

We also teach ‘Chair Yoga’ for people with extreme conditions of joints related arthritis & over weight conditions.

In chronic ailments, the care should be practical, personal and positively encouraging with periodical results.

7, Energy Healing Sessions- (In Person/ Distant Healing)

It is an ancient system of practice. Though there are a few Energy healing systems (Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc), Dr. Saraswati has developed her own technique which goes beyond body and mind healing and reaches the level of regression therapy. She served at Caribbean, London, India and New York. She is also a grandmaster who can initiate people into healing techniques.

We in Tapasya use this to remove the core cause of the issues instead of just treating the symptoms. We also do distant healing across continents for our clients. Our clients are from India, U.S.A and Europe.

After initial consultation, distance healing sessions can be offered.

8, Yoga Therapy sessions-Private Yoga session as a therapy is conducted after a thorough consultation and individually designed program. These plans will include various techniques based on the needs of the clients. Pranayama, Yoga exercises, poses, rehabilitation moves, meditation, counseling, etc. This session is done in person or by Skype.

9, Detoxification &Body service Program (Annual/Periodical)

We all care for our car and service it periodically. But how often we think of detoxification and body service for our supreme machine, human body?

It is essential to have a healthy life style. It is also true, that we cannot avoid toxins entirely in this modern world.

You don’t have to be an alcoholic or a drug user to do this program.

This program is designed to teach or re-learn the forgotten art of self healing.

This can be done in 3 different plans,

  • Simple Cleanse plan, where we consult you and plan a de-tox menu of food & treatments. You can follow it anywhere in the world.
  • Deep Cleanse program, this involves 2 stages, at level one, we plan the Simple cleanse plan as mentioned before and then we ask you to go for a week long program in a  chosen retreat place (we offer a great choice of places and people for you!)
  • Ultimate Cleanse Program- this is for people with extreme stressful lifestyle. This is for post chemo cancer survivors. This is for people who can afford ‘TIME’ and who want to do a turn-around in their health- both physical & mental.

This can only be done under our direct supervision. When we can find mutually convenient time, we can do this program. It is a must to have a minimum of 16 days and maximum of 21 days. Of which, we Doctors of Tapasya will directly supervise for 14 days with 5 hours a day with you in a retreat resort of mutual convenient. Preferably, we suggest Bali or India).

10, Family & Friends Retreats

Time and tide waits for none! Gone are those days, people waited for the organization, association, etc to plan the retreat for them. In the recent past, the trend is changing. A family or a few families or a group of friends or Health Enthusiasts get together in a city or town. Plan ahead of a holiday period, contact us for retreat and enjoy the retreat at their choice of location. Mutually convenient location and time is the one important criterion. Usually these programs are organized for a minimum of 2 days & to a maximum of 7 days period. Programs can be both residential and non-residential types.

For Example- My clients from 9 years back whom I met in a bankers stress management program, we meet every alternate year for 5-7 days. 4-5 of them with their family & friends, organize this retreat with me. They arrange the location and dates. I travel there. On retreat days, morning 6 to noon we have various program, later I prescribe the treatments at the spa. Evenings they/ we all go foresight-seeing. In these years, we had retreat at Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and in Europe.


Charges apply for all the above mentioned services. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.